Hana Wireless provides high quality products designed with wireless professional’s in mind. Hana Wireless supports the normal and intended uses of its products within the warranty period. Hana’s team is available to assist you with matters which may arise with the use and deployment of Hana Wireless equipment. Hana can provide you with information about the use of products as well a design and deployment of solutions and configuration of Hana Wireless products. Should you need assistance, please email:


Hana Wireless provides a one (1) year limited warranty to the initial purchaser from the time of shipment, against defects in materials and workmanship. Hana Wirelesses’ obligations and responsibilities under its warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the product, at Hana Wirelesses’ option. Hana Wireless only warrants its products for conforming uses and does not apply to products which fail due to physical damage, misuse, unauthorized modifications or repairs, improper installation, use or maintenance; nor negligent use or deployment, electrical or line surges, natural disasters or damage from causes other than defect in materials or workmanship. Clients must pre-pay all freight and insurance charges related to the return of Hana Wireless products AND, all clients seeking warranty repair or replacement must first obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA number) as approved by Hana Wireless. Products returned under claim of warranty that are not found to be defective may be subject to a service charge. Hana Wireless reserves the right to exchange returned product for like or similar featured other products or refurbished products. IN NO EVENT SHALL HANA WIRELESS OR ITS AGENTS BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT, SPECIAL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION LOSS OF PROFITS, USE OF DATA OR OTHER COMMERCIAL LOSS WHETHER OR NOT HANA WIRELESS HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. THIS LIMITATION SHALL APPLY TO ANY CLAIM OR CAUSE OF ACTION WHETHER IN CONTRACT OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE), IN LAW OR EQUITY, STRICT PRODUCT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE, OR UNDER ANY OTHER THEORY INCLUDING CLAIMS CONCERNING PATENT, COPYRIGHT OR OTHER PROPRIETARY RIGHTS INFRINGEMENT. ALL CLAIMS SHALL BE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF THE VALUE OF THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PRODUCT. The warranty stated herein is the exclusive policy and remedy and are in lieu of any other obligations, liabilities or costs on the part of Hana Wireless arising out of or in connection with the performance of the products. Hana Wireless does not support or warranty the products in use or conjunction with any other product(s).


For any and all returns of product to Hana Wireless, a “return merchandise authorization number” or RMA # is required in advance of the return. To obtain an RMA on a valid return (and before returning any item), please email: Any RMA number issued shall be valid for a period of a maximum of thirty (30) days from issuance. Once an RMA # is properly issued, additional instructions about packaging and return of items will be emailed. Along with the instructions emailed, authorized RMA returns should be properly packaged and the appropriate and required postage or freight applied along with documentation showing your name, address, phone number, email, RMA number, and information about your request. Any customs, taxes, fees, or other costs are to be borne by the client (or returning party). All returns should be send pre-paid using a major carrier with tracking and must comply with all domestic and international shipping requirements. PLEASE DO NOT RETURN ITEMS WITHOUT A VALID RMA. Failure to do any of the above may render the items returned as lost or abandoned.

To download a PDF version of our support and policies document, click here.