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The HW-N18-1FS enclosure is a rugged, larger sized (18″ x 16″ x 8″) weatherproof enclosure that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from molded fiberglass, it is well suited for high temperature or corrosive environments. The mounting flange allows it to be wall mounted as well as on a flat surface. The box can also be pole mounted with the optional pole mounting hardware kit. The fully gasketed lid features a stainless steel continuous hinge and stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps. The enclosure material is UV stabilized and comes in machine tool gray.


The HW-N18-1FS is ideal for custom applications, which may require special modifications to the enclosure. Mounting stand-offs inside the enclosure can be used for mounting plates.


Mounting Plate


The plate features four standard surge protected 120 VAC outlets and a terminal strip to supply power to internal equipment.


Hot Environments


To help ensure trouble-free operation of electronic equipment, proper operating temperatures inside an enclosure needs to be maintained. With the built-in Cooling Fans, internal temperatures can be better maintained. This model is ideal in hot environments.


The HW-N18-1FS comes with two 120 VAC cooling fans installed. The fans are controlled by HyperLink’s exclusive solid state fan controller. The standard unit has a fan turn-on temperature of +90° F, and a turn-off temperature of +81° F. The controller features improved temperature setpoint accuracy and can be factory modified for other temperature setpoints. The fans are controlled by an integral solid state AC relay. The relay features Zero Cross Detection for EMI reduction. No extra room for the controller is required since it is mounted underneath the plate. (A minimum order quantity is required for custom fan setpoints)


The HW-N18-1FS includes two thermostat-controlled 12W (24W total) fans. The high airflow, low noise fans used allows air to be pushed or pulled through the enclosure. Filters for both ports are easily removable for cleaning and replacement. The fans turns on when the internal temperature rises to 120° F (49° C) ±5° and turns off at 90° F (32° C) ±10°. These cooling fans do not require the use of any of the AC outlets, leaving them all available for your equipment.


Lightning Protection


Surge protection is provided as a standard feature on the internal AC outlets. In addition, the unit can accept up to two optional bulkhead-mount N-Type lightning protectors to protect the coaxial cable run


  • Molded Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) industrial Enclosure
  • Stainless steel quick release latches with padlock hasps
  • NEMA Type 3R, 3RX / IP24 rated
  • Fully gasketed raised Vented lid with removable filters & integral mounting flange
  • Features aluminum mounting plate with surge protected duplex 120 VAC Outlets & Thermostat Controlled Cooling System


Enclosure Material:Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Enclosure Color:Machine Tool Gray
Voltage:120 VAC
Fan Power:12 Watts each (24 Watts total)
Mounting Plate Material:.10 in. (2.5mm) Thick Anodized Aluminum
Mounting Plate Dimensions:16.8×14.8 inches (42.6 x 37.5 cm)
Weight:20.3 lbs (9.2 kg)
Outside Dimensions (max):19.5 x 17.5 x 10 inches (49.5 x 44.4 x 25.4 cm)
Inside Dimensions:17.7 x 15.7 x 8.5 inches (44.9 x 39.9 x 21.6 cm)
Flame Rating:UL 94-5V
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Cable Feed:1/2” Cable Conduit Connector
Ratings:NEMA Type 3R; 3RX / IP24
Temperature Controller Specification
Fan Setpoint Temperature:+32° C (+90° F)
Hysteresis Window:5° C (9° F)

HW-N18-1FS - 18x16x8 Enclosure, 120Vac MNT Plate, Fans, SS Controller


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