• CDMA/GSM/RFID System
  • Repeater Station or Long Distance terminal
  • Highway or tunnel coverage or long distance receive


  • High Gain, Low VSWR
  • Stainless Steel, Strong corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with Vertical or Horizontal Polarization


Frequency: 806-960 MHz
Bandwidth: 70 MHz
Gain: 13 dBi
Horizontal Beam: 30°
Vertical Beam: 30°
Front-to-back Ratio: ≥18
VSWR: ≤1.5
Impedance-Ω:: 50
Polarization: Vertical
Max Power: 100 W
Connector: N Female or Customized
Length: 64.2’ inches
Weight: 2.75 lbs.
Mounting Mast Diameter: 1.5’x2.0’ inches

HW-YA9-13-NF - 900MHz 13dBi Yagi Antenna


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