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The Hana Wireless Network Enclosure Battery Box is a rugged enclosure constructed from powder-coated galvanized steel.  It is designed to protect batteries from the harsh outdoor elements and is compatible with all of the Hana Wireless Network Enclosure models.


Each Battery Box is constructed with dual locking gasketed doors with padlock shackle ensuring NEMA integrity and security, integral venting and cooling fan to protect from overheating and extend battery life, and a sliding tray to provide easy installation and maintenance.  The Battery Box includes eight top and 4 bottom passthrough cable holes allowing for user friendly wiring configurations between the Battery Box and the Network Enclosure.  The color of the Battery Box is an aesthetically pleasing machine tool gray allowing for a clean, cool, neutral appearance in any application.



  • Fully assembled, powder-coated galvanized steel
  • Dual locking gasketed NEMA rated doors, padlock shackle
  • Integral vented and cooling fan doors
  • Sliding battery tray (15.5Wx14.8D)
  • Bottom and top cable entry
  • Nominal dimensions (24Wx21Dx17H in)



  • Indoor and outdoor telecommunication installations
  • Wireless broadband and fiber optic installations
  • LTE/4G/5G cellular network installations
  • Solar installations
  • Protection from theft, damage and harsh environments

HW-BB17-PRO - Network Enclosure Battery Box


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