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ARCFlex Variable Sector Antenna 4.94-5.875 GHz, 35-130° Beamwidth,21-19 dBi  2x2 Dual Polarity MIMO variable width sector antenna


ARCFlex™ dual-polarization variable sector antennas feature ultra wideband frequency performance, providing robust connectivity for a range of broadband radio equipment. The unique variable beamwidth capability allows for easy, single-point adjustment of horizontal beamwidth (60° – 120°). Mounting brackets provided allow for easy adjustment of up/down-tilt.


  • Wide range of beamwidths, 1 SKU
  • Mechanical slide for easy field adjustments
  • Ultra wideband frequency performance
  • High gain antenna in compact package
  • Low profile, rugged design for outdoor use
  • US Engineered
  • Manufactured under strict US quality control procedures

HW-VS5821SD1 -ARC eXsite 5.1-5.9GHz, 60-120º Beamwidth, 21-18dBi Dual-Pol Sector


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