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A/C Temperature Change Instruction


The Hana Wireless Carrier Network Enclosure is a rugged weatherproof telecomunications enclosure constructed from powder-coated Aluminum.  It is ideal for housing carrior-grade sensitive expensive equipment, including batteries,  for both indoor and outdoor networking applications including 5G networks, communication networks, switching stations, emergency backup communications and solar applications.


Every Hana Wireless Network Enclosure is designed with dual locking 3-point gasketed doors with padlock shackle, wood backer compatibility and open door latch ensuring NEMA integrity, security and ease of use.  Each rack mount is visibly labeled for simple installation and maintenance.  The fixed mounted shelve, which includes four passthrough openings, allow for mounting of non-rackable equipment and ease of wiring.  The bottom cable entry includes four multi-cable seals and four M25 Nylon strain reliefs allowing for user friendly wiring configurations.  The integrated  4-in passthrough support mounting feet with mounting holes and hardware, allow the enclosure to be easily and securely mounted.  The color of the Network Enclosure is an aesthetically pleasing machine tool gray allowing for a clean, cool, neutral appearance in any application.



  • Fully assembled, NEMA rated, powder-coated lightweight aluminum
  • Dual 3-point locking gasketed doors, padlock shackle, open door latch
  • 20U 19-inch rails or 6U with lower battery compartment and fixed shelf
  • 8-port AC power distribution unit, terminal block, ground bus
  • Built-in 600W (2,050BTU) DC powered A/C system
  • Bottom cable entry, multi-cable seals and cable strain reliefs
  • Integrated 4in passthrough mounting feet with mounting holes
  • Wall/Pole mount bracket optional (HW-NEWB-01)
  • Nominal dimensions (24Wx21Dx40H in)



  • Indoor and outdoor telecommunication installations
  • Wireless broadband and fiber optic installations
  • LTE/4G/5G cellular network installations
  • Solar installations
  • Protection from theft, damage and harsh environments


The Hana Wireless Network Enclosure includes an 8-port 120Vac PDU with ON/OFF switch and overload protection.  This feature includes a DIN rail mounted terminal block and ground bus that provides easy, safe installation of power to the enclosure.



To ensure trouble-free operation of your equipment, the Hana Wireless Network Enclosure is available with a built-in air conditioning system that allows the enclosure to cool lowering internal temperatures allowing equipment to properly operate. The Network Enclosure design includes the feature of a solid-state controlled 600W (2,050BTU) DC-powered air conditiong system.  

HW2-NE40-1AC-CARRIER - 20U 24x21x40 Network Enclosure - 120Vac/AC/Al


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